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Little Update!

2017-07-01 20:37:52 by TheCrookedChin

I'm very exited to say that i was part of a select amount of users to vote on the top 10 posts for the past month! I've been very active in voting and flagging innaproprate content to keep this place clean. I will continue to do this untill the END OF TIME! lol 

Thanks Newgrounds! <3

          With love, TheCrookedChin


Hello Newgrounds!

2017-06-28 18:25:39 by TheCrookedChin

I'm very new to this site but I have known about it ever since I went on the internet! 

I will try my best to create entertaining,original,and creative content! I hope you all as a community accept me and help me along my journey in Newgrounds! 

             <3 Much love, TheCrookedChin